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Thank you for visiting TheBestIRA.com and reading our introductory description of the The Flex-IRA. 


If you will take a few seconds to answer a few simple questions, we will reward you handsomely for your trouble!


What will we do?  We will immediately send you The Flex-IRA CD and an Electronic Guide entitled "The FlexIRA - How Top Investors Buy Real Estate And Other Investments " ($49.95 value, yours FREE!)

If you are already a program participant (or recently joined), have previously completed this survey, or requested our information package, kindly DO NOT complete this survey, as you already have ALL of the available materials.

Please answer the following questions and then press the Submit button at the bottom
(please be honest, we are looking for honest feedback):

1. Do you have an IRA?

2. Are you happy with the returns you have been
    receiving over the past five years?

3. What is your main investing goal?

4. If you have a secondary goal,
    what would it be?

5. Would you be interested in using
    your IRA to buy real estate?

6. If your answer is no (or maybe), what is
    the main thing holding you back?

7. What is the approximate value
    of all your IRAs combined?

8. What brought you to TheBestIRA.com?

9. If you used a Search Engine, what Subject
    or Keywords were you searching for when
    you found our site?

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