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Flexibility.  Income.  Control.  At Advanced Retirement Marketing Services, we're all about success.  And your success depends upon taking control of your investments, knowing your options, and giving yourself checkbook-control over your investment dollars.

It doesn't matter whether you are new to investing or a more seasoned investor.  The Flex-IRA gives you the ability to invest the money in your IRA by simply writing a check - it's that simple.

Don't let others tell you that you can't access your own money.  Learn your options and take advantage of the Flex-IRA!    

The Flex-IRA ... an investor's financial dream come true.


Taking True Control Of Your IRA And 401(k)


Most employers today offer a 401(k) plan. But employees often complain that their investment choices are limited to only a few mutual funds and perhaps a low-paying fixed account.

IRAs offered by bank and brokerage firms may offer a few more choices, but seldom offer more categories of investment. You are stuck with the choices they sell - usually stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

It is not the IRS, but the custodian that limits your investment choices. The following chart shows just some of the investment categories approved under the IRS rules:


If you have expertise in any of the above, why would you allow a bank or brokerage firm to pigeon-hole your investment choices into only those that they sell and, of course, earn a commission on?

Why not take checkbook control of your retirement funds? With the help of ARMS, you can do just that. To see how, CLICK HERE.


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