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Flexibility.  Income.  Control.  At Advanced Retirement Marketing Services, we're all about success.  And your success depends upon taking control of your investments, knowing your options, and giving yourself checkbook-control over your investment dollars.

It doesn't matter whether you are new to investing or a more seasoned investor.  The Flex-IRA gives you the ability to invest the money in your IRA by simply writing a check - it's that simple. 

Don't let others tell you that you can't access your own money.  Learn your options and take advantage of the Flex-IRA!   

The Flex-IRA... an investor's financial dream come true.


Business Development Partner
Versus The Affiliate Program


Let's first review the similarities between one who is a Business Development Partner versus an Affiliate.  Both are excellent opportunities to generate income for yourself, without spending a dime of your own money.  There is no cost nor obligation involved with being either a Business Development Partner or an Affiliate.  Both opportunities will pay you a substantial referral fee for each and every investor you refer to our company who purchases a Flex-IRA.

So what's the difference?  Actually, there's only one difference - but that one difference is as substantial as it is lucrative.  You see, the Affiliate Program is a "Two-Tier" Affiliate Program. 

That means that you do indeed earn a substantial "Tier 1" referral fee for every client you refer to ARMS who obtains their own Flex-IRA.  But as an Affiliate, it doesn't end there - if that client who you referred also recommends our company to another purchasing client, you earn an additional "Tier 2" referral fee - a little less than on Tier 1, but still substantial!

What a great way to help others and earn substantial residual income at the same time!  After all, when was the last time a restaurant paid you for referring your friends as paying customers, and an additional referral fee for every paying customer who was referred by your FRIENDS? 

So why would a person choose to be a Business Development Partner instead of an Affiliate?  Well, quite frankly, it's more of a personal choice - some people want to earn extra income but prefer not to register as an Affiliate.  We respect and accomodate that choice, and do not prevent those people from earning substantial referral income.


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